What to do right now if you are facing foreclosure of your Kansas City home


What to do right now if you are facing foreclosure of your Kansas City home. Having assisted numerous individuals and families facing the foreclosure of their Kansas City homes, for both Kansas and Missouri, I have witnessed first hand the need for educating the public as to foreclosures and short sales during what is a difficult and emotional time.

As we continue to hear in the media, foreclosures are on the rise, but yet there is so much uncertainty as to what a foreclosure really means as well as to what options may be available if you are facing a foreclosure of your Kansas City home.

For example, did you know that the laws of foreclosure are not the same in Kansas and Missouri?  So many of the folks who contact me to discuss what options they may have in order to avoid their home being foreclosed, eg. Kansas short sale of their home or a Missouri short sale, do not realize that the steps and procedures involved in a foreclosure for Missouri are not the same as in Kansas.

These differences could greatly affect your decision as to what to do to avoid foreclosure of your Kansas City home

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I really want to help educate the public and those in need of gathering as much information as possible to better understand what you may be able to do to either avoid a foreclosure of your  Kansas City home, Kansas or Missouri.  I have really learned, while working with foreclosures of Kansas and Missouri homes and while assisting home sellers with their Kansas short sale and Missouri short sale that knowledge can be power in your making the right decisions for your current and future well being. 

I will continue to provide updates to this subject over a short period of time.  If you are facing foreclosure of your Kansas City home, Kansas or Missouri,  please continue to read the upcoming posts.

Request a Free Confidential, no obligation, short sale or pre foreclosure analysis of your home and options that may be available to you.

It has been my pleasure to help a number of Sellers with their Kansas short sale or Missouri short sale.



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