This post is Part 3 of the series: If you own an FHA or HUD insured home and you are desiring to request a short sale of your home, there are specific requirements that must be met.  I have worked with a number of homeowner’s in selling their FHA insured home and before listing their home for sale, we discuss the guidelines that I know FHA is going to require be met by my homeowner Sellers.  

I am going to provide some of the FHA and/or HUD insured guidelines for a short sale over the course of several posts and try to give examples of facts that might fit the requirements.  The third that I want to discuss is the requirement that the property may not be an investment property.

If you are not sure if your FHA insured property would qualify as an investment property, you should make sure to determine this with you lender prior to marketing your home as a short sale.

  Each situation will be specific to the individual homeowner.  But, overall, it is important to be aware that one of the requirements for a FHA and/or HUD insured short sale, is that your home is not considered an investment property.

If you don’t know what to do if  you are falling behind on your mortgage payments or you are currently facing foreclosure of your Kansas City home, Kansas or Missouri, please continue to read the upcoming posts and Request a Free Confidential, no obligation, analysis of your home and options that may be available to you to help reduce the burden you may have.

(There are potential tax consequences that should be discussed with a tax professional.  Please do not interpret this information as providing legal, tax or other professional advice which you should seek independently.)
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