I am not going to lie.  My home is not in pre foreclosure and I don’t know how it feels to have my home potentially foreclosed upon.  However, I do know from helping our Sellers who are facing foreclosure of their homes  how important information about their options is. 

I remember a professional in a different field once telling me “knowledge is power”.  I follow this statement with every Seller and/or Buyer I help. Especially for those facing foreclosure. 

Knowledge is Power is understanding all possible options to saving your home from foreclosure.  Sure, part of my business is built on helping Sellers sell their homes via a short sale process.  But, my business is also built on educating on our Sellers on options that may end up with us not listing a nd selling their homes, but being the best option for our Sellers.

Believe me, I have learned over the years that what goes around comes around.  That goes to my providing our Sellers with the possibility of requesting a “deed in lieu” of foreclosure. I may not end up making a commission, but I would want someone to provide me with all of my options that they are aware of if I were in the shoes of possibly losing my home and how that would affect my future.

Bottom line…you  may have heard of a “deed in lieu” but not understand what this really means for you.  Here is an article that I have found that may provide you with some of those answers in determining if this is an option for you to consider.

  • Foreclosure Alternative: Deed in Lieu

    Facing foreclosure and you just want it over with? The deed in lieu of foreclosure may be your best alternative. Here are the advantages, disadvantages and tips on obtaining a deed in lieu. Read

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If you don’t know what to do if  you are falling behind on your mortgage payments or you are currently facing foreclosure of your Kansas City home, Kansas or Missouri, Request a Free Confidential, no obligation, analysis of your home and options that may be available to you to help reduce the burden you may have.

(There are potential tax consequences that should be discussed with a tax professional.  Please do not interpret this information as providing legal, tax or other professional advice which you should seek independently.)

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